Since 1943, the Brutocao family has been farming their land and growing premium grapes in southern Mendocino County. Blending their northern Italian heritage with their California roots, they have planted varietals such as Dolcetto and Sangiovese along with the more familiar varietals. The family chose the winged lion from St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice to symbolize their strength and agility.
2019    Chardonnay Estate Hopland Ranches
2019    Sauvignon Blanc Estate Feliz Vineyard
2017    Pinot Noir Estate Anderson Valley
2017    Primitivo Estate Contento Vyd
2017    Quadriga Estate Hopland Ranches
2017    Torrent Estate Hopland Ranches
2015    Zinfandel Estate Bliss Vineyard
2017    Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Contento Vyd
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