Storrs Winery

Storrs creates artistic wines from small, sustainably-farmed vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Central Coast.
2019   Chardonnay Christie Vineyard
2019   Chardonnay Monterey
2019   Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains
2019   Chardonnay Wildcat
2016   Gewurztraminer Monterey
2014   Riesling Monterey
2019   Sauvignon Blanc Monterey
2019   Rose Santa Cruz Mountains Limited2020 to follow
2016   Merlot San Ysidro
2017   Petite Sirah Santa Cruz Mountains
2017   Pinot Noir Santa Cruz Mountains
2016   Pinot Noir Wildcat
2017   St. Clare Bordeaux Blend Red LimitedGold SF Chron Wine Comp’21
2017   Zinfandel Central CoastGold Sunset Wine Comp’20
2017   Zinfandel Rusty Ridge
Quantity discounts: 3 cs = 10%.

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