Voluptuary & Lucid Wines

A Micro-winery that produces organic & natural, sulfite-free & vegan wines. Owner and Winemaker Kevin Luther puts his focus on making delicious and accessible wines.


2020   Lucid Barbera Manifesto
2020   Lucid Cabernet Sauvignon Delirium
2020   Lucid Chardonnay
2020   Lucid Red Blend Wanderlust Cab Sauv/Zin/Barbera/Petite Sirah
2020 Lucid Rose Urban Flora
2020 Lucid Zinfandel Ripen
2020 Voluptuary Pinot Noir/Grenache “The Source”
2020 Voluptuary Tannat “Sower”
Quantity discounts: 2 cs assort for discount

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